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If blood was the color of missing you,
I’d have it all over my hands.
I’ve done nothing all weekend long
but think of ways to love you.
My thoughts are a constant wind
and constant water, lapping you.
My blood is the color of missing you."
- (via koreyan)
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Ruby n Lulu
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kitten wiggles ears while eating

i don’t even care if i reblog this twice a day every single day for the rest of my life

Anonymous asked: how do you shave it? when i do i get razor burn

You might need a new razor with more blades so you can get a closer shave?:o

Anonymous asked: do you shave your pubes?

Yeah, when I can be bothered lol

Anonymous asked: ur face is stupid. it dont know how 2 b uglay

I got so confused by this anon-chan haha! But thank you? ^u^ you’re beautiful though, remember that!

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Olympia Le Tan FW 14
I hope you miss me sometimes."
- six word story  (via einhorny)
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cake ♡
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