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Anonymous said: Alex

Lovely and kind! used to see a lot of each other in like year 10/11! Funny, although I didn’t get the sarcasm sometimes haha!:’3

Anonymous said: Stuart

I don’t think I know a Stuart!:o

Anonymous said: Roger

I don’t know a Roger!

Anonymous said: Thomas

Literally one of my favourite people!! I’m so glad I know someone like him, so funny, can cheer me up so easily! I’m glad we have each others backs, I miss our IT chats though, you’re impressions haha!!

Anonymous said: Robert

That’s my dads name!

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Anonymous said: Emily

Absolute sweet heart, so lovely and kindhearted even though I only really know her through my sister :3

Anonymous said: Josie

Very funny, I miss our chats in lessons but she’s great ahha

Anonymous said: Jack

Very funny!! I really wish we were closer, smart, has a lovely group of friends and a really nice person! ^u^

Anonymous said: Sian

Sweet girl, lovely personality although I don’t see a lot of her any more!

Anonymous said: Sebastian

Cute! Well I don’t know him, but I’ve my friends say he’s a friendly French guy :’3

Anonymous said: david

I knew a Dave, although they didn’t stay Dave for long lol